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Are more TV dollars going digital?

Donnie Williams, EVP and chief digital officer for Horizon Media, said some clients shifted an estimated 8% to 13% more of their media budgets toward premium¬†digital platforms during the recent upfront. “It was a real land grab,” Williams said, adding that “tons of money went through our organization to digital channels.” Read more at >¬†MediaPost Communications/Media Daily News

Jump In!

Jump In: 7 Ideas for Twitter Engagement

From Primary Color’s blog

I have the pleasure today to introduce Cary Branscum. Cary is part of my extended Twitter family. We both share the interest of Marketing, Social Media and Technology and we also share the interest for #UsGuys. From a conversation we had Saturday night about how to meet people, followers and make relationships.

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How Netflix Failed at Social Media

Ranting and Raving – 352 Media

If you’re a Netflix user, or just anyone who kinda sorta likes movies, you’ve likely heard about the 60% increase coming your way if you plan to keep streaming your movies online and getting DVDs at home. Personal grievances aside, what’s most alarming is the complete ambivalence Netflix is showing to their customers on their social media accounts.

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