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Welcome New Member – iLS Network

ils logoWelcome our new member and their team – iLS Network.  iLS network is collection of online apartment guides – known in the apartment industry as “internet listing service” websites – changing the way renters find apartments. Their network of websites provides renters with the confidence that they are indeed making the right choice in their search for an apartment.  Visit their website to learn more about iLS.  Welcome to Adfed!

Urgent AAF Alert – Senate Bill Limits Ad Deductibility


  Senator Max Baucus, D-Mont., Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee released draft tax reform legislation today that takes direct aim at advertising (section 23, page 104). The bill would only allow 50% of advertising expenses to be deducted in the current year, with the remaining 50% amortized over 5 years.

It is critically important that the advertising industry speak loudly and clearly to Senators and oppose any limitation on the full tax deductibility of advertising. Please contact your Senators today and ask them to oppose any change to the tax treatment of advertising.

The full current year deduction for advertising expenses should be preserved because:

  • Advertising – local, regional and national – generates $5.6 trillion in total economic activity for our country and helps support 22.1 million, or 15% of all jobs in the U.S. economy. The stimulus generated by advertising brings jobs and sales to every state and to every community. Even a modest reduction that limits the amount a business may deduct of its total advertising spending could have a devastating impact on jobs and economic activity.
  • For 100 years the Tax Code years has rightly permitted businesses to deduct the full cost of their advertising, just as it permits the deduction of other business costs like salaries, rent, utilities and office supplies. It is not a special preference or deduction, it is a normal and necessary expense that a business must pay to communicate with customers and generate sales.
  • Nobel prize-winning economists who have looked at the advertising deduction have concluded that nothing in the economic literature justifies a change in tax policy. They have argued it makes no economic or common sense to make businesses pay more for advertising.
  • Making advertising more expensive would only cause a decline in ad spending and cost jobs, since every $1 spent on advertising leads to $20 in economic activity.
  • The proposal also does not consider that companies buy new advertising each year and would feel the brunt of this tax annually. Not only would they have less money to spend on advertising year after year, but media companies would also be impacted as advertisers would be forced to reduce their ad buys.

Senators can be easily contacted though the U.S. Senate website.  Just look for “Find Your Senators” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Please circulate this alert to other members of your company and/or ad club and report back to me any response you may receive.  Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any comments or questions.  Thank you for your assistance with this vital matter.

Clark Rector
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
American Advertising Federation
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AAF Governtment Alert: Possible Tax On Advdertising

We have recently learned from a Member of the House Ways and Means Committee that the Committee is seriously considering a tax on advertising as part of the tax reform bill that Chairman Dave Camp, D-Mich, hopes to release later this month or early October. It is critical that you and other members of your ad club and company contact members of the Committee as soon as possible, and express your strong opposition to such a proposal.  This is especially important if you live in a Committee member’s district.


We do not know the exact form that the tax may take.  Ideas that have been discussed in the past include a proposal that would allow businesses to deduct only 80 percent or less of their advertising costs.  Other proposals would require businesses to amortize a portion of advertising costs – postponing the deduction over several years until long after the advertising has appeared.


Any kind of a tax on advertising would cost the nation millions of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in lost economic activity. This is a direct impact documented by a landmark study of the economic impact of advertising on the U.S. economy.


As I wrote in an earlier alert, advertising – local, regional and national – generates $5.6 trillion in total economic activity for our country and helps support 22.1 million jobs in the U.S. economy. The stimulus generated by advertising brings jobs and sales to every state and to every congressional district. Even a modest reduction that limits the amount a business may deduct of its total advertising spending could cost the nation 1.6 million jobs and $419 billion in economic sales activity.


The critical message to convey to Members of Congress is that the deduction for advertising costs is not a special preference or deduction. Every business in America is entitled to this deduction, which is classified as an ordinary and necessary business expense just like the salaries of employees, rent for office space, utilities and other costs that a business must pay to keep the doors open and to generate sales. This deduction is for core business expenses and has been permitted since the adoption of the Tax Code in 1913. You should emphasize that you are not seeking a special treatment or exemption – you are asking Congress to maintain the business expense deduction allowed for advertising for the past 100 years.


As you may have heard in news reports, tax reform is considered a long-shot for enactment this year.  However, even if does not pass, any bill drafted by the Ways and Means Committee is likely to be the starting point for future reform efforts.  Therefore, it is essential that we persuade Committee members and Chairman Camp from including a tax on advertising in the draft bill. 


The members of the Committee are listed below.  They all can be reached through links on the Ways and Means Committee or U.S. House of Representatives websites.  Please report back any response you may receive and do not hesitate to let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Committee on Ways and Means


Camp, Dave (MI), Chairman
Johnson, Sam (TX)
Brady, Kevin (TX)
Ryan, Paul (WI)
Nunes, Devin (CA)
Tiberi, Pat (OH)
Reichert, Dave (WA)
Boustany, Charles (LA)
Roskam, Peter (IL)
Gerlach, Jim (PA)
Price, Tom (GA)
Buchanan, Vern(FL)
Smith, Adrian (NE)
Schock, Aaron (IL)
Jenkins, Lynn (KS)
Paulsen, Erik (MN)
Marchant, Kenny (TX)
Black, Diane (TN)
Reed, Tom (NY)
Young, Todd (IN)
Kelly, Mike (PA)
Griffin, Tim (AR)
Jim Renacci (PH)


Levin, Sander (MI), Ranking Minority Member
Rangel, Charles(NY)
McDermott, Jim (WA)
Lewis, John (GA)
Neal, Richard (MA)
Becerra, Xavier(CA)
Doggett, Lloyd (TX)
Thompson, Mike (CA)
Larson, John (CT)
Blumenauer, Earl (OR)
Kind, Ron (WI)
Pascrell, Bill (NJ)
Crowley, Joseph (NY)
Schwartz, Allyson (PA)
Davis, Danny (IL)
Sanchez, Linda (CA)

Clark Rector
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
American Advertising Federation

Message from the President

The 2012-13 Adfed year came to a close this month with a fun social at Vellos Brickstreet Grill and installation of your new board for 2013-14.   We accomplished so many exciting thinADFED1g this past year.  A few things that will make our club operations run smoothly for years to come include, cleaning up our membership directory for communications, dues and online.  Our Social Media efforts have generated increased awareness for our club and relationships with our local media.  And our members are saving time with our credit card processing at events and online.

A few more accomplishments include, new active and corporate members and our programs this year were elevated with high profile speakers and webinars for education and professional development

Our two main programs each year are Media Auction and the ADDY competition.  Both events were great successes with a positive return allowing us to continue funding of our Scholarship program with the UF Advertising Department and the Santa Fe College Digital Media Department.

Along with our membership volunteers, each of your board members has contributed to this successes and I want to thank all of you for your time and support given to our club to promote the advertising industry in our community.

I am looking forward to serving another year as your president and working with our New Board to continue achieving the goals of our organization with a focus on professional development and supporting education for the future of advertising.

We say good bye to a few dedicated board members that have served many years but they are not allowed to move to Hawaii so they will still be involved with adfed.  Thank you, Jorge, Jeannette, James, John and Katie for your many years of service.

Now we welcome back a few members and announce a few new board members that actually represent the new corporate members that joined in the last year and a returning board member from a few years ago.  Kathy Staffa, Secretary, Nick DeConna Programs Chair, Eric Flagg Education Chair, Tom Duffy Public Service Chair and Hector DeVall ADDY Chair.  Returning Jennifer Norman President Elect, Kinnon Thomas Treasurer, Susan Meurlott Membership, Sue Wagner President Advisory and Wes Lindberg Communications.

Please welcome your new board and speak to each of them and find out about volunteer opportunities there are for the upcoming year.

Stay connected for updates on our events and programs.  Mark your calendars for the weekend of Sept 6 – 9th.

FREE Digital Resource Guide from the National AAF Conference

AAF Digital GuideWe couldn’t attend the amazing AdAmerica AAF Conference in Phoenix, but we can download the free Digital Resource Guide, featuring interviews, trends and best practices from some of the most influential minds in digital advertising!   As a member of Adfed Gainesville, you receive all the benefits of the National AAF.   Download the resource guide now for great interviews with professionals from FedX, Universal McCann and the creative minds behind the Allstate campaigns.

Member Profile: Chad Greene

AdFed Membechad-greenership

Infinite Energy has been a member of the Advertising Federation of Gainesville for the past two years. When Greene was a fairly new hire at the company’s fledgling marketing team, he expressed interest in becoming involved with ADDYs, an advertising design competition held every year by AdFed. He promised his director he we would win awards.

In their first ADDYs awards show, Infinite Energy took home the “2012 Best of Show Print” for Infinite Energy’s Corporate Brochure. In the past two years, they have won five ADDYs Awards overall. Last year, the company received the “Judges Choice” for their Market Specific Multi Family Brochure.


Chad Greene graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Media from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.  After graduation, he studied Computer Art and Animation at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC.

He joined the marketing team at Infinite Energy as a Marketing Coordinator. After about six months, he became the Creative Manager for the company, where he establishes creative direction for print, online and other advertising mediums, internal and external, to insure that the collateral meets business objectives and advances the Infinite Energy brand.

 Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy was founded in Florida in 1994, and is an innovative supplier for retail and wholesale energy. The company provides natural gas here in Florida, as well as Georgia, New York, and New Jersey, and both electricity and natural gas in Texas.

Career Highlights

As a student at the University of Florida, Greene spent a lot of time at the Samuel P. Harn Museum.  He had the opportunity to design the Harn’s website in 2004 and won a Gold ADDYs Award for it. Greene won the “Interactive Media for Flash” award, after he made the website using Adobe Flash, a software that creates motion graphics.

 Breathing Things to Life

Greene says what he loves most about his career is taking a concept or idea and breathing life into it. He looks forward to seeing his teammates’ faces when they see their ideas come to fruition. Greene says it is amazing to take an idea on a piece of paper and turn it into something that makes people respond. He says extreme attention to detail is the difference between good design and great design.

 Published by Nasim Bowlus,   AdFed Public Relations Volunteer

Nasim is a Photographer at WCJB TV20 / Gainesville CW10

Scholarships Awarded to SFC Digital Media Students

The American SF CollegeAdvertising Federation is a national professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in our industry. 

The Adfed of Gainesville follows the same mission to promote advertising excellence in our own community.

A priority for us is education and helping support future leaders in the advertising industry.

Our scholarship program was created in honor of a dedicated member of adfed, Sue Dixon Smith and is designed to assist deserving students and foster leadership, service, determination, commitment and creativity.

Students receiving scholarships from Adfed of Gainesville were chosen based these characteristics, their 4.0 grade point average and their outstanding extracurricular work within the Digital Media Program.

We are proud and honored to award scholarships to the following Santa Fe College Digital Media Students:

left to right – Anna Horton, Julie Harris, Thea Nalls, Chris Wright, Danielle Heslup, (Eric Flagg – DMT coordinator), (Beth Eng – AdFed President), (Kinnon Thomas – AdFed Treasure),  Baylee Adams,  Coral Boyd and Stephen Patterson – not present.


Member Profile: Eric Flagg

eric profile picThe Advertising Federation would like to spotlight, Eric Flagg.  Flagg joined the AdFed of Gainesville this year. His first big event with the organization was the 2013 ADDY Awards. Every year, the judging for this event is held at the Digital Media Technology and Graphic Design Department at Santa Fe College, which is also where Flagg works. This year, he was very excited to see one of his graphic design students, Danielle Heslup, win the “Best of Show” Award for graphic design in the student category.


Flagg obtained his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and his master’s degree in Mass Communication from the Documentary Institute that used to be at the University of Florida. Previously, Flagg was a professor and former Department Chair of the Digital Film and Video program at the Art Institute of Jacksonville.

Occasionally, Flagg teaches as an adjunct instructor at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. His current role though is Digital Media Technology Coordinator at Santa Fe College. As Coordinator, he assists in developing and maintaining the curriculum for the multimedia and graphic design tracks of the Digital Media Technology department. He makes sure students stay up to date with multimedia and design software, as well as professional skills needed to enter the workforce. In the program, they learn practical tech-skills using Adobe Creative Suites for graphic design , video production, motion graphics, and 3D graphic animation skills. They also obtain a foundation in advertising design, theory, and the history of how advertising design trends have evolved.

Career Highlights  

Flagg not only enjoys helping students prepare for careers in digital media, but he says it is pleasing to see students’ passion for their work. He says they freely express themselves using creativity and that throughout the program, they develop their critical thinking skills. He looks forward to seeing his students succeed.

Using Video for International Issues  

Flagg is also involved with the Graphic Design Student Association at Santa Fe College. Through the organization, he and the students are helping a local non-profit organization develop educational media. Their mission is to help young children in Uganda who were born HIV-positive and help them understand how to administer their own preventative medications so that they can have a higher quality of life.

Jellyfish Smack Productions  

Flagg was a traveling environmental consultant for almost ten years before becoming a documentary filmmaker. He co-founded a production company called Jellyfish Smack Productions with his colleague Isaac Brown. His strong niche in environmental education has helped him produce numerous documentary films, commercials and educational videos.

Susan Dixon Smith Memorial Scholarship Announced

UF J LogoAdfed’s mission includes supporting education and leadership in the field of Advertising and we congratulate Margaret Teach for being awarded the Susan Dixon Smith Memorial Scholarship for the 2013-14 year. Thank you to all of our members and supporters for funding this scholarship. Media Auction 2013 will continue to support our scholarship program. Details to be announced soon….

Local Member wins ADDY at District

Congratulations to member Chad Paris at Parisleaf and his team for winning a Silver ADDY at the District Competition.   Parisleaf’s entry in the Digital Advertising category, Unity College, won a Gold ADDY at the local competition held in February and was forwarded to the District Competition which was judged March 9th. addy logoThe 2013 District ADDY Awards Gala will be held Saturday, April 20 in Jacksonville.  Parisleaf will be recognized for their Silver ADDY and we are proud to have them represent Adfed of Gainesville.  PL Logo Web White Bckgrd