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Summer Conference: Kicking Off a New AdFed Year!

Just coming out of what has to be one of the most energizing AdFed Gainesville annual retreats I have ever participated in, we went this weekend to the Fourth District AAF Summer Conference to discover that the excitement is shared all district wide!

The Ocala Advertising Federation, recently renamed the North Central Florida Advertising Federation, put together a dynamic and fun to the hilt summer conference (Kudos to Mara Rodriguez, John Sotomayor and all the Ocala club for a fantastic job!) that was bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and high ambitious plans.
At the Presidents’ Council meeting, the ADDY, Programs and the Memberships workshops, and the Board of Directors Meeting, the District asked for our input (which was eagerly and sometimes rambunctiously given) and filled us in on all the great new initiatives to be rolled out this year to move our Fourth District of the American Advertising Federation forward and upward, and increase the value of your membership.

The Advertising Federation of Gainesville contingent to the conference (Jim and Jeannette Baer and myself) came back with a pile of notes and ideas to hit the ground running. You will soon be hearing of some cool new things we are cooking!


50 Ways Marketers Celebrate

Are You Maximizing the Marketing Potential of Birthdays?

Happy 50th Birthday President Obama! Marilyn Monroe made presidential birthdays famous when she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to President Kennedy. As a marketer, birthdays provide a great reason to initiate marketing promotions.

To help you celebrate birthdays better, here’s a list of 50 celebration-packed marketing tactics in honor of the President. Bear in mind that some of these events can be paid for by your customers. Here is 50 great tips from Heidi Cohen on how to celebrate Company birthdays! read more..