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Public Service Projects

We are looking for a few awesome, fun and talented people to help lead the 2012-2013 public service committee. This year will start with our ongoing project in support of the Arbor House and our continuous support of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fund-raising events. We will also participate in ACEL’s Champions for Charity Kickball Tournament, plus two other great causes. Please contact me if you are interested in helping!

James Bozeman, Public Service Chair or

In Support of the Arbor House

The public service committee for Advertising Federation of Gainesville’s year 2012 – 2013 will continue the on going project of doing an ad campaign for Arbor House of Gainesville. Arbor House is a residential program for women 18 years and older who need assistance during and after crisis pregnancies. They are breaking the circle of poverty two at a time. In addition to Arbor House, the public service committee will work with several non profits in the community to assist them in getting public service message written and recorded for broadcast. The public service committee will continue to participate in several programs that will benefit the American Cancer Society. To volunteer for the public Service committee email James Bozeman at


Welcome, 2012!

Standing at the starting gates of a new year, we take a look back at the year that was and what a year it was! This past year our organization achieved several firsts and some great moments in our continuous effort to increase the value of your membership.


For our speakers series first we brought you in September Emmy Award winner Steve Lance, currently partner, author and lecturer at PS Insights and past Chairman of Unconventional Wisdom in New York (now, how is that for a title!).

Steve LanceHis commercials for SportsChannel won One Show and Andy Awards and his work for WBZ-TV won an Emmy Award for Best Station News Campaign with his “The More You Know” campaign, for which he conceived the format and wrote the first 17 spots.

Steve established Unconventional Wisdom in 1989 with his partners Norman Siegel and Jeff Woll, serving the marketing, advertising & communications needs of such clients as The Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Communications, Inc., Food TV, The Travel Channel, The Hallmark Channel, National Geographic Channel, PBS, Hyperion Solutions, Yankelovich Partners, Burson-Marsteller, Citizen Watch and Crest Toothpaste.

We had heard Steve at a District Adfed conference and liked his presentation “Marketers Are from Mars, Creatives from Venus, and How to Solve Your Earthly Problems” so much that we simply had to share it with you all. I hope you caught it.


For our AdFed/FPRA joint lunch in November, we invited Chipp Walters, who came to us from Austin, TX. Chip made a great presentation on the power of combining different cutting edge communication technology for long distance collaboration. Chipp showed how he creates communication strategies for his employees and himself in the Shafer Walters Group, using a set of  “shadow tools.” Some of the tools are public, some are proprietary. The presentation highlighted many techniques and demonstrated how they are done.

Chipp Walters graduated with a Masters of Industrial Design from North Carolina State University where he was honored as the first Industrial Designer selected for the distinguished alumni award. Over the years, he has designed products for many top tier manufacturers, including Nasa, Apple, IBM, Texas Instruments, Compaq, HP, Sony, Toshiba and many others.

Though classically trained in design, he taught himself programming and system architecture and now runs a company which consults, designs and builds full scale customer engagement platforms for the Internet.

You can look more into Chip’s amazing work at and at

And you can join his linkedin group to learn more about the video scribing technology he presented at Video-Scribing.


And this last September we had our second annual movie event at the Red Onion on 39 Avenue. This year we showed Helvetica, much enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks to our Events and Programs duo, Katie Johns-Hupp and Jenn Norman!


The Advertising Auction

This year we inaugurated a new chapter in the history of our club. Our Communications Committee was reorganized into a digital media section and a social media section. The results have been amazing and we have been able to provide you with more engaging and timely information.

One of our first tests for the digital media folks was adding an exciting virtual component to our Advertising Auction. It was a challenging undertaking and it took a ton of work, but it was made possible thanks to the work of our two digital wizards, Robert Davidson and Wes Lindberg and the stubborn insistence of Rose Sierra, our Auction chair. We tested the concept, worked pretty well and we expect to have an even better version for you next year


Digital Media Communication

Our web site went through a major redesign and last June we rolled out the new and improved Advertising Federation of Gainesville web site, redesigned from the ground up by Jeff Stevens and maintained by Robert and Wes. Thanks to this new design, we are able to bring you more timely information in our blog postings.

To complement our new blog, Jeannette Baer, our Social Media chair, has been busy putting together different social media efforts to bring you in different ways and platforms news and conversations about our fair City of Gainesville and the advertising and marketing universe. Our Facebook page is getting a lot of traffic (remember it is there to serve you: if you have a job opening, exciting news, etc. let Jeannette know), and our The AdFed of Gainesville Daily and our new Twylah Page give you daily update on most exciting cybersphere conversations that may concern you and your clients.



But the crowning moment for our digital efforts is coming right up with the 2012 ADDYs!

Our traditional Winners Book (yes, that booklet you picked up at the gala and quickly misplaced somewhere in your office) will be replaced with an online digital ‘winners book’, completely interactive, where you can look up your winning entry (the actual entry, not just your name with the title) and where you can refer your client to. “Yes, Mr. Bigwig, the video we designed for you won a gold ADDY this year, you can go see it at XYZ, tell your clients. “

The new digital winners book will be unveiled at this year ADDY Gala, Friday February 10 and will go online right after that.

And talking about the ADDY Gala, that is undergoing a major overhaul, too.  This year theme will be the ADDY Game Day. We will put together a Sports Bar, TV screens and all, and instead of calling out the winners, there will be several screens where you will see a loop of the winners’ projects. Of course there will also be 5 computer stations where you and your friends will be able to look up your winning entries. The ambience will be relaxed, with lots of time to connect, talk and celebrate this past year production.

And this year will introduce our new local only awards, the wOw Amazing Creative awards. You will receive information on how to enter this new competition with your ADDY packets, or visit

Don’t forget the Free ADDY Workshop, Wednesday January 11 from 8 to 9 am at New Horizons, in their new location at 6933 NW 4th Blvd.



Public Service

Ahead of us this spring, we are looking forward to our public service campaign. This year, Karen Wolfstead and James Bozeman, our Public Service co-chairs, have adopted the Arbor House as our public service initiative. These folks do an amazing job on behalf of homeless unwed mothers and deserve our support. We will coordinate a campaign for the organization and give all members and our local advertising and design students an opportunity to support this worthy cause.  We will need your support and help, so if you would like to help please shoot Karen or James an email.


Come Join the Fun

So it has been a busy Advertising Federation of Gainesville year and we are looking ahead to another flurry of achievements in 2012. So please come join us to keep our local federation a leader in the District Four. If you would like to join our Board for the coming year, just shoot me an email to







Summer Conference: Kicking Off a New AdFed Year!

Just coming out of what has to be one of the most energizing AdFed Gainesville annual retreats I have ever participated in, we went this weekend to the Fourth District AAF Summer Conference to discover that the excitement is shared all district wide!

The Ocala Advertising Federation, recently renamed the North Central Florida Advertising Federation, put together a dynamic and fun to the hilt summer conference (Kudos to Mara Rodriguez, John Sotomayor and all the Ocala club for a fantastic job!) that was bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and high ambitious plans.
At the Presidents’ Council meeting, the ADDY, Programs and the Memberships workshops, and the Board of Directors Meeting, the District asked for our input (which was eagerly and sometimes rambunctiously given) and filled us in on all the great new initiatives to be rolled out this year to move our Fourth District of the American Advertising Federation forward and upward, and increase the value of your membership.

The Advertising Federation of Gainesville contingent to the conference (Jim and Jeannette Baer and myself) came back with a pile of notes and ideas to hit the ground running. You will soon be hearing of some cool new things we are cooking!